Lexion Chief Legal Officer Awarded the 2020 “Startup Solo GC of the Year” by Corporate Counsel Magazine/Law.com
Congratulations to our Chief Legal Officer, Jessica Nguyen, on being awarded the 2020 "Startup Solo GC of the Year" by Corporate Counsel Magazine and Law.com.

A few snippets from the profile article about Jessica the publication got right:

- "She is as candid as she is energetic." Yep.

- She "elevated the usability of the product by bringing her extensive in-house legal experience to the table–she’s the voice and champion of the customer." Yep, she is our customer and advocates for better customer experiences.

- She "sit[s] in customer meetings and explain[s] to the customer how Lexion can help solve a pain point of their role." Yep, she loves to share clear use cases and value.

- "Nguyen seems tireless. Infinitely enthusiastic." Yep and yep, and we're lucky to have her on our team.

We are proud of Team Lexion! The article about her journey is a fun read and available here.