Lexion CTO Talk with Rsqrd AI – ML Tooling at an AI-first Startup

We at Lexion deliver a lot of value to our customers using AI — unlike many other contract management systems, AI is not an after the fact bolt-on, but a core part of our infrastructure, our team’s background, and who we are (fun fact: we spun out of the Paul Allen Institute for AI (AI2)). […]

Lexion Chief Legal Officer Awarded the 2020 “Startup Solo GC of the Year” by Corporate Counsel Magazine/Law.com

Congratulations to our Chief Legal Officer, Jessica Nguyen, on being awarded the 2020 “Startup Solo GC of the Year” by Corporate Counsel Magazine and Law.com. A few snippets from the profile article about Jessica the publication got right: – “She is as candid as she is energetic.” Yep. – She “elevated the usability of the […]

Lexion mentioned in TechCrunch – Introducing a New Software Stack – The Essential Revenue Stack

Lexion was mentioned in TechCrunch in a really insightful article by the Madrona Venture Group team about the new software stack – the essential revenue stack where agreement management (where Lexion plays a role) serves as a foundation of that stack. Or in their words, a “foundational technology.” We concur! If you’ve worked with a […]

5 Questions to Ask to Find the Right Contract Management System

One of the best aspects of my job during this pandemic is I get to catch-up with my legal connections over a 1:1 virtual coffee/happy hour. Many of my connections have made the move in-house or are general counsels all managing similar challenges. We commiserate. With a beverage of choice. All times of the day. […]

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