Lexion mentioned in TechCrunch – Introducing a New Software Stack – The Essential Revenue Stack

Lexion was mentioned in TechCrunch in a really insightful article by the Madrona Venture Group team about the new software stack – the essential revenue stack where agreement management (where Lexion plays a role) serves as a foundation of that stack. Or in their words, a “foundational technology.” We concur! If you’ve worked with a […]

5 Questions to Ask to Find the Right Contract Management System

One of the best aspects of my job during this pandemic is I get to catch-up with my legal connections over a 1:1 virtual coffee/happy hour. Many of my connections have made the move in-house or are general counsels all managing similar challenges. We commiserate. With a beverage of choice. All times of the day. […]

Law.com Feature – Doing More With Less During Coronavirus Times: ‘You’ve Got to Ruthlessly Prioritize’

Do more with less, and do it better and faster. Does this sound familiar? Our Chief Legal Officer, Jessica Nguyen, has a lot of first-hand experience with the challenge of trying to scale legal operations and attempting to manage a heavy workload with limited resources. The impact of the pandemic on revenue projections of companies […]

Looking for a contract? Lexion’s chatbot for Slack will find it for you instantly.

Have you ever needed to look up a contract urgently, but then been left wondering where it was? Or sent a request to the legal team to find it, but are left waiting for an answer? Or tried to find it in your company’s shared drive, but it wasn’t where you expected to find it? […]

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