Solutions for your whole org

Lexion supercharges not just Legal teams, but everyone in the organization who touches contracts


Do more high-value work, and fewer adminstrative chores.
  • Keep track of critical obligations automatically.
  • Let the system notify business owners of key events.
  • Instantly create disclosure schedules for financing or M&A.
  • Quickly report on exceptions or special clauses.


Keep tabs on your contracted spend with confidence.
  • Drive savings by negotiating renewals well before they occur.
  • Quickly find agreements and related documents in one place.
  • Push critical meta-data to your procurement systems.
  • Be notified when business owners enter into new agreements.


Maximize your sales volume and velocity.
  • Be notified of upsell opportunities for renewing customers.
  • Report on standard and non-standard terms across customers.
  • Avoid missing obligations by keeping meta-data updated in your CRM.
  • Eliminate wasted time by tying customer records to agreements.

Finance & Operations

Understand risk, tackle compliance and audits with ease.

  • Discover risky terms such as non-standard limitation of liability caps.
  • Quickly understand common deal points, like payment terms.
  • Dramatically reduce audit costs by generating custom reports.
  • Save time finding contractual terms in file folders, and spreadsheets.

Simplify contract management today