The Smart Contract Management System

Lexion is a simple and affordable contract repository that uses AI to let you gain insights about your agreements.

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“When you are a legal team of one, that also means operationalizing efficiency across different departments’ legal needs. Enter Lexion, the CMS platform that brings in AI capability that will not only help legal but the sales, compliance, accounting, and operational teams become more nimble, informed, and mobilized. Lexion’s powerful reporting also offers a swathe of valuable information at Abstract’s fingerprints.”
Diana Young
Lead Counsel, Abstract
"Lexion provides visibility across the entire contract portfolio by making the task of tracking and reporting on key contract terms achievable and, actually, fun to do. The visibility we have into our contracts helps us reduce risks and ensures that we meet our contractual obligations to our clients. The Lexion team has clearly devoted tremendous effort to provide customers a favorable user experience."
Vi Duong
Director of Legal, Adswerve

How Lexion Helps Legal Teams

Eliminate manual tasks so you can focus on the work that matters.

Store contracts in one place

Find what you're looking for

Create powerful reports

Don't Waste Time Searching for Contracts

Lexion integrates and syncs contracts across your systems, creating a single source of truth.

Track Key Terms Automatically

Manually tracking vital information is slow and tedious. Lexion’s AI automatically finds the information you need and gives you tools to verify.

Drive Business Results


Never miss a renewal opportunity again. Keep Salesforce up-to-date.


Get plenty of advance notice on contracts to renegotiate or cancel.


Eliminate time wasted on manual review, data entry, and common contract questions.


Pull up reports to assess compliance. Be ready for audits, financing, and M&A.

Quick and Painless Implementation

Our white-glove onboarding delivers a fully organized repository of contracts, with key terms populated by Lexion’s AI.

Secure and Trustworthy

Designed with enterprised security, performance, and SLA requirements from the ground up.

Built and Backed by Experts

Lexion was created at a world class AI research institute, is backed by an iconic law firm, and is funded by a prominent venture firm. Our experienced team has a track record of building successful companies, cutting-edge AI products, and productivity applications that people love and need.

Simplify contract management today