Lexion mentioned in TechCrunch – Introducing a New Software Stack – The Essential Revenue Stack

Lexion was mentioned in TechCrunch in a really insightful article by the Madrona Venture Group team about the new software stack – the essential revenue stack where agreement management (where Lexion plays a role) serves as a foundation of that stack. Or in their words, a “foundational technology.” We concur!

If you’ve worked with a high-performing legal team, you have experienced first-hand that your legal team is a critical partner to help you close transactions and drive up revenue (especially at the enterprise level). Your in-house legal team are the experts at negotiating your organization’s deals because they have a deep understanding of your business, product, and risk tolerance, are able to clearly explain positioning and risks to customers or partners, and create the processes to remove friction and accelerate sales velocity. No offense to amazing lawyers at outside law firms, but in-house teams can often do it faster and better.

Here at Lexion we don’t want your legal team spending time digging for a contract or spending hours (or days) analyzing what’s in them to in turn create a static spreadsheet – let our tech and AI help. We would rather see your legal team effectively utilized to strategize with you as a key partner to drive up revenue and grow your organization in a smart and sustainable way.

Nice job Tim Porter and Elisa La Cava. You can view the full article here. Enjoy!