The Intelligent Repository for Your Contracts

Lexion is not like other enterprise contract management systems. It’s easy-to-use, plays nicely with your existing systems and workflows,
and does what you need (and not what you don’t).

Receive a Centralized and Organized Repository

Stop wasting your time looking for contracts in multiple shared drives. As a part of your onboarding, we use our proprietary AI to organize all of your existing contracts. Most systems require you to manually do this, or spend a significant amount of money to hire a contractor to do this work for you.

Work Faster and Better with AI-Assistance

Lexion automatically reads contracts and extracts key terms helping you cut expenses by reducing time spent on data entry. Our smart contract repository identifies dozens of key terms, whether on your template or third-party paper.

Create Powerful Reports in Seconds

With Lexion, you can build powerful, fully automated, and custom reports about what’s in your contracts in seconds. Saved reports update automatically with new data, can be shared with team members, and exported to Excel, complete with a zip file of contracts.

Never Miss a Key Date Again

Got stuck paying for a vendor service you don’t use for another year because you forgot to cancel in time? Lexion’s AI automatically tracks key dates of your contracts and provides you reminders of upcoming events like auto-renewal cancellation notice deadlines, and expiration dates.

Integrate With All Your Systems

Lexion syncs contracts and metadata across your organization.
Our robust APIs allow us to plug into your existing business systems and
workflows. We also integrate with all popular document storage solutions.

Invite Your Whole Team

Invite internal teams, external counsel, investors, and more with easy to set-up, review, and use permissions. We even tie into your single-sign-on solution, so no one in your company has to create a new account.

Simplify contract management today