A Single Source of Truth

Stop wasting your time looking for contracts across shared drives and emails. Lexion pulls all of your agreements along with key data, drafts, and attachments into one place.

Smart Fields Powered by Lexion AI

Lexion’s state-of-the-art AI automatically tags and extracts key contract
fields (such as parties, effective date, renewal mechanics, assignment, termination conditions, payment terms, governing law, and more) so you can quickly file, search, and report on your obligations.

Onboarding and Organizing Existing Contracts

Pull Files from Where They Live

Lexion will pull all documents from your file storage services into Lexion. We support all major storage systems including Google Drive, SharePoint, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, and more.

Receive a Fully Populated Repository

As part of onboarding, Lexion will automatically extract key terms, and our in-house quality control team will review and verify the results, so that you get a fully populated and ready-to-report on repository on day one.

Track Data in Custom Fields

Lexion is highly customizable, allowing you to track and report on any contract term that you choose. These fields can be synced to, or pulled from, other key systems (e.g., Salesforce). No more tracking data in stale spreadsheets.

Link Related Documents

Link amendments, addendums, orders, master agreements, and any other related contracts together so that you can see the entirety of a deal in one place.

Store Drafts and Attachments

To effectively track a contract’s drafting history and related documents (e.g., Certificates of Insurance, IT Security Policy), you can store an unlimited amount of drafts and attachments in Lexion alongside each contract.

Upload Contracts by Email

Easily add contracts to Lexion from your inbox by forwarding an email to your Lexion account.


Visualize Contract Data

Report on the volume of contracts your team has been working on, visualize critical dates, and view other key metrics that help you manage your in-house legal team’s KPIs.

Simplify contract management today